Rixy Club

Rixos Premium Belek

Come and enjoy even more experiences with your little ones this year at Rixos Premium Belek!

The team of the newly renovated Rixy Kids Club at Rixos Premium Belek will display all their imagination and creativity to spoil the little ones with wonderful moments.

No matter the age, your children will make friends from all around the world while having lots of fun!

Kids have their Rixy Club...

Kids will have a lot of opportunities at Rixos Premium Belek. At Rixos, children have the Rixy Club.

Rixy Club offers an entertaining and educative world with special programmes and activities intended for children of the same age group. Rixos Premium Belek Rixy Club has a special restaurant for children, a kids' pool with a water slide, art studio, play station room, playpen especially designed for little ones, sleep room and kids' shows(summer season only)